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11 months ago


Outdoor 2022 registration starts March 14
over 1 year ago

We’re planning for a full outdoor season in 2022, with the opening fixtures on the Saturday following the Victoria Day long weekend.

Check back here on March 14 in the afternoon if you want to sign-up.

Number of teams: 6
Number of full-time outfielders needed: 102 (17 per team)
Number of full-time keepers needed: 6
Number of spares needed: No limit

Fees: To be confirmed

Number of official games in all: 18 (15 regular season and three for the Founders’ Cup in the fall)
Kickabouts on long weekends: 4 (no regular games those Saturdays)

Location: Potvin-Shefford Sports Park in Beacon Hill North, with about three switches to Barrington, Carrière and Tauvette parks because of other events at Potvin

Possible new feature in 2022: for an extra fee, pre-season workouts/kickabouts at the new Julian DeGuzman Field on Farmer’s Way; start date will depend on the weather. Stay tuned for details.

Footy is back!
over 1 year ago

Back to the pitch on February 3:
Thanks to everyone who completed our flash survey (104 replies). We also got some delightful comments, for instance:

I would play in a Dome, I would play with Rome. I would play in BA, I would play any day. / Two vacs and booster in me… put me in coach! / Play soccer. Make the world a happier, less angry place. / Cool new logo! / Thank you admin team for all of your work to get us playing. / Please ensure the beer after the game is cold. Very important. / Just play already, I’m getting fat.
The verdict is an overwhelming thumbs-up for resuming play next Thursday, with most other gents willing to return perhaps two or three weeks later.

A few details:

  • The Dec. 23 and Jan. 6, 13, 20 and 27 games have vaporized into the Omicron void. So we simply pick up normal play as of February 3, with each team having seven games and, as mentioned by someone above, extra pounds under its belt: BASL standings.

  • Full, regular league play resumes, that is, points, standings, refs, dry heaves and all. We might add a week or two in May if time and circumstances allow.

  • Teams whose full roster isn’t returning will, as much as possible, either have spares of equal caliber assigned to them until their regular players return, or have access to horse steroids.

  • The dome will operate at 50% capacity (like before the shutdown), and the same public-health measures apply, including proof of vaccination with a QR code.

  • About booster shots: If the province ultimately makes them mandatory, the dome will have no choice but to abide by that. If you’re comfortable with a booster shot, but haven’t yet got it, perhaps now is the time to act, just in case…

Please take it easy on the pitch:
If you’re like most of us, your exercise regimen since the shutdown has been reduced to bringing wine over to your neighbours as thanks for snowblowing your driveway and to walking to your community mailbox (ok, granted, some of you do that at a brisk pace to remain game-ready). For everyone’s sake and safety, we urge all of you to keep it down a notch as we reacquaint ourselves with kicking a ball and playing in the “romantic candlelight” of the dome:

  • NO heavy contact

  • NO “full steam ahead” on 50-50 balls

  • NO blind-side or desperate from-behind tackles

  • NO chest-puffing and nostril-flaring if an “accident” does occur; keep cool, make amends

  • NO nagging at the refs: we’ve again told them to call things very tight.

Safety first. Camaraderie always.

Dome closed, games suspended until at least Jan. 26
over 1 year ago

In compliance with the Ontario government’s announcement on January 3, indoor sports facilities must close until at least January 26, 2022.

This means the cancellation of the BA’s Superdome games Jan. 6, 13, 20 and probably January 27.

Players will be notified individually through TeamSnap and Facebook.

Expect an update around January 24.

Conformément à l’annonce du gouvernement de l’Ontario le 3 janvier, les installations sportives intérieures doivent fermer au moins jusqu’au 26 janvier 2022.

Les matchs suivants de la Ligue BA sont donc annulés : 6, 13, 20 janvier et, probablement, 27 janvier.

Les joueurs recevront un avis personnel par TeamSnap et Facebook.

Prochaine mise à jour autour du 24 janvier.

Dec 23rd Game Postponed
almost 2 years ago

So, no game Thursday, December 23—and beyond, until we get an “all clear” from OPH.

Of course, this is all because of the new omicron COVID wildfire: we feel it’s unwise to gather 40+ guys for a contact sport on the second day before Christmas, knowing full well that most will be socializing with family starting probably the very next day, Christmas Eve.

To put it bluntly: we don’t want to have the consequences of an “outbreak” on our collective conscience at what’s supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year”… should we be so unlucky.

We’ll update you on the financial and rescheduling implications as soon as we’ve connected with the dome’s owner, TMSI.

Thanks as usual for your help and understanding. It’s disheartening to be forced into playing the Grinch like this, but at least we don’t have to wear that ghastly green outfit of his. ;-)

Your BA Executive